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“Well that wasn’t too painful”.

Arranging your Will just doesn’t seem that important.  So often we find clients telling us “we really should do our Wills”.  Either they’ve just bought a home, recently had a child, or simply seeking peace of mind in the knowledge that they will decide how their loved ones are cared for.

Months and sometimes years pass before those clients come back.  However once it’s all over and done with, a very common phrase we hear is “well that wasn’t too painful”.

We make the process of preparing your Will as quick and easy as possible.

We don’t skip on the details.  We prepare a Will that’s right for you both now and in the future so that even if your circumstances change (e.g. have more kids, buy and sell assets) you won’t have to come back and change your Will again.

We like to keep the language simple.  Anyone should be able to read your Will and quickly ascertain what your wishes are in clear and unambiguous terms.

If you’d like to arrange your Will, or have some additional questions,  please contact us on (03) 8631 4444 to make an appointment, or use our contact form to get in touch and we’ll make contact with you as soon as possible.

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