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7 Things to include in Parenting Orders

parenting orderAn article from our Understanding Family Law series

A Parenting Order is a Court Order that sets out arrangements relating to children.  Parenting orders can be made by consent (where both parties agree) or by the Court following a hearing.

When negotiating orders or seeking orders from the Court it is important to consider what arrangements are in the best interests of the children.

Things to consider and include in Parenting Orders:

  1. Where the children will live and the time that they will spend with each parent
  2. What school the children will attend
  3. Where will changeover take place? Will it take place at home or in a neutral place?
  4. Arrangements during school holidays, long weekends and during the Christmas period
  5. Arrangements for birthdays, Father’s day, Mother’s Day and other special occasions
  6. Provision for communication when the children are not living with a parent e.g. telephone communication
  7. Provision for notice in writing and for an itinerary to be provided for interstate and overseas travel

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